One Artist Can Make Women In NYC Completely Disappear. See How She Does It.


Trina Merry is no ordinary artist. Her canvass is the human body. In her latest series, she’s painstakingly painted several semi-nude models to blend in with iconic sections of New York City. The landmarks include the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, Central Park, the Guggenheim Museum, and the lower Manhattan skyline.

It’s not an easy task to get her models ready to be photographed. Merry must contend with the weather, a city in constant motion, gawking passers-by, and the police. Despite the law in New York City firmly be on the side of artists when it comes to public nudity. The result though it worth all the troubles. Just take a look.



Blending into the Manhattan Bridge.


The Gugenheim museum.


Central Park.

Sitting on a bridge with her back to the camera.

The Brooklyn Bridge.

Coney Island.

At the house of Willem de Kooning.

In front of the downtown Manhattan skyline.

Model Jessica Mellow getting ready for the photo shoot.


The painting process can take hours.


If anything shifts in the background, then the model needs to be repainted.


Sometimes the police take notice.


The models need to be photographed from just the right angle.


Posing with her model.


Getting the colors just right.


Look at the detail of the painting on her face. Incredible.



(H/T: The Daily Mail)

Wow. I wonder which city she’ll try to do this in next? Make sure to share this story on Facebook by clicking below.


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